University of Wisconsin–Madison


Undergraduate Courses

Psychology 501: Child Psychopathology
Instructor: Professor James Li
Pre-reqs: Psych 201, 202, 281 or equivalent
Normally taught: Fall semester

This course provides an introduction to the scientific study of child psychopathology. Students will not only learn about the basic phenomenology and treatments for the most common mental disorders of childhood, but they will also have the opportunity to disentangle some of the more controversial issues in the field. For instance, what factors have led to the rise in ADHD diagnosis in this country, and around the world? What are evidenced-based treatments, and why aren’t they more widely used in mental health settings? We will use a variety of learning approaches (e.g., demonstrations of evidenced-based treatments for children and families, debates and discussions, guest lectures) to help students appreciate the challenges inherent in the study (and treatment) of child psychopathology.

Graduate Courses

Psychology 740-002: Clinical I: Assessment, Etiology, and Treatment
Instructor(s): Professors James Li, Seth Pollak, and Hill Goldsmith
Pre-reqs: Consent of instructor
Normally taught: Spring semester

Lectures on current approaches to assessment, etiology, and treatment of topic material.