Prospective Students

Dr. Li will be accepting Ph.D. students in clinical psychology into his lab for the Fall 2024 admissions cycle. 

If you are interested in joining our team, please review our “Projects” page to see the on-going research projects that may be of interest to you. At this time, we are looking to recruit graduate students who are statistically-inclined and are passionate about one or more of the following foci:

  • Racial and ethnic differences underlying multidimensional mental health outcomes (HiTOP), including but not limited to studies of measurement invariance, social determinants of health, longitudinal outcomes, etc.
  • Gene, brain, environmental, and cognitive and behavioral factors underlying the development of complex neurodevelopmental conditions, including autism and ADHD, from a neurodiversity perspective
  • Gene-environment interactions underlying the development of neurodevelopmental and externalizing outcomes across the lifespan
  • Identifying biomarkers in the prediction of neurodevelopmental and externalizing outcomes across the lifespan

Information for the clinical psychology Ph.D. program at UW-Madison can be found at the UW Department of Psychology’s website.

The Social and Behavioral Development Lab is not currently looking to recruit new undergraduate RAs. We typically recruit new RAs into the lab during the Spring semester. 

More information about participation in undergraduate research at UW-Madison can be found here.