Dr. Li Awarded the A.A. Alexander Professorship

Dr. Li has been awarded the inaugural A.A. Alexander Professorship to recognize significant collaboration between the Departments of Psychiatry and Psychology at UW-Madison.

This is an endowed professorship that alternates every 5 years between Psychology and Psychiatry departments and its purpose is to recognize and strengthen collaborations between the two departments.  Dr. Aristotle A. Alexander was an undergraduate and then a clinical graduate student in the Department of Psychology at UW-Madison.  He went on to do post-doctoral training and then joined the faculty at the UW-Madison Department of Psychiatry, where he served for 27 years.  He created this Professorship to recognize and continue to maintain the unusually strong and long-standing ties between the two departments.

Dr. Li’s research on the genetic mechanisms of mental health problems in children associated with certain neurodevelopmental disorders sits solidly at the nexus between the two fields.  As part of his research program, he has developed strong cross-department collaborations and proposed a rich plan for how this award could strengthen collaborations between the departments.

Congratulations Dr. Li!

Please read more at: https://psych.wisc.edu/news/psychology-professor-james-li-named-as-first-a-a-alexander-professor-of-psychology-and-psychiatry/